AUTOPSTENHOJ installation at Breeze VW complete – Poole


GEMCO have recently completed an installation of two AUTOPSTENHOJ Class 4 MOT Bays at Breeze VW complete - Poole The following equipment was installed on site; x2 Sherpa BPSATL4 Class 4 Brake Tester x2 AUTOPSTENHOJ Four Post MOT/ATL Lifts x2 Litecheck4 Headlight Testers x2 Sherpa Combi Emmisions Analysers & all additional bay accessories For further [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 Two Post Lift Installation Complete at Royal Mail, Fraserburgh.


GEMCO have recently fitted an AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 – 5 Tonne Two Post Lift LWB at Royal Mail Fraserburgh. Click here for further information on the AUTOPSTENHOJ range For further information, pricing or to arrange a site visit please call GEMCO on 01604 828 600 or email: today!

Mitsubishi Croxdale Installation Complete


Another successful range of AUTOPSTENHOJ lifting equipment has been installed at Mitsubishi Croxdale. This site not benefits from a wide range of Autopstenhoj Lifts, Bradbury Wheel and Tyre equipment, complete MOT bays including Sherpa Brake Testers and more. Click below for further information on the equipment fitted: AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.35 SPORT AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.50FL 2 Post [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 4026 Lift Installation Complete at M & S Motors in Aberdeen


GEMCO have recently fitted an AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 4026 Electro-hydraulic Four Post Lift at M & S Motors in Aberdeen. Click here for further information on this lift. View the full AUTOPSTENHOJ range here  

AUTOPSTENHOJ Class 4 & 7 ATL Package at Kintyre Hire, Campbelltown Installation Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a Class 4 & 7 AUTOPSTENHOJ ATL Package with class 1&2 motorcycle upgrade at Kintyre Hire in Campbelltown at Argyll in Scotland. Equipment fitted includes: Sherpa Kompackt Class 4 & 7 Brake Tester with class 1 & 2 motorcycle upgrade AUTOPSTENHOJ 5230-60 5.2 Tonne Lift DLPCOMBI Dunlop PC Based Emission Analyser [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Installation at Inverclyde Council, Greenock Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a range of AUTOPSTENHOJ equipment at Inverclyde Council, Greenlock in Scotland. AUTOPSTENHOJ Lifts fitted includes: ATF Test Lane 6 x 75 Mobile Column Lifts (30 tonnes – 45 tonnes) - Click here for product information 1 x 004750 Maestro 2.50 5 Tonne Two Post Lift - Click here for product information [...]

Workshop Installation at Jaguar Land Rover Milton Gate Complete


GEMCO have completed another Jaguar Land Rover workshop this month. JLR Milton Gate's main workshop features a wide variety of AUTOPSTENHOJ in-ground lifts. Over 14 Masterlift 235 SAA 230 Lifts, 1 Biglift 2.50 SAA 230 and 2 Masterlift 235 SAAV 135 VAN vehicle Lifts. Aswell as this, two complete ATL Bays both with SHERPA BPS [...]