Workshop Fit Out Complete at Norse Waste – Daventry County Council


GEMCO have completed installation of a wide range of commercial equipment on site at Norse Waste, Daventry County Council Equipment fitted will help keep the sites large fleet of vehicles on the road.  As well as equipment a mezzanine floor was also built to free more space in the workshop. Equipment fitted includes; click on equipment [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Lift Installation Complete at BT in Exeter


GEMCO have recently completed a lift installation at BT Exeter. Equipment installed includes: 009350 AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 7230 Service Four Post Lift Series (7.2 tonne) 004740 AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 – 5 Tonne Two Post Lift LWB Click here to view the full AUTOPSTENHOJ range today, for further information and pricing contact GEMCO today. [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 Two Post Lift Installation Complete at Royal Mail, Fraserburgh.


GEMCO have recently fitted an AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 – 5 Tonne Two Post Lift LWB at Royal Mail Fraserburgh. Click here for further information on the AUTOPSTENHOJ range For further information, pricing or to arrange a site visit please call GEMCO on 01604 828 600 or email: today!

Installation at 911 Recovery Glasgow Complete


This recently completed site in Leonhead Glasgow features a wide range of commercial equipment all supplied and installed by our experts from GEMCO. Commercial Garage Equipment fitted includes: SHERPA BPS KOMPAKT Brake Tester complete with SHERPA PC BM14200 Commercial Brake Tester x2 complete with guard rails BM53000 Universal Play Detector x2 GEMCOLITECHECK5DL Commercial Headlight Tester [...]

Mitsubishi Croxdale Installation Complete


Another successful range of AUTOPSTENHOJ lifting equipment has been installed at Mitsubishi Croxdale. This site not benefits from a wide range of Autopstenhoj Lifts, Bradbury Wheel and Tyre equipment, complete MOT bays including Sherpa Brake Testers and more. Click below for further information on the equipment fitted: AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.35 SPORT AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.50FL 2 Post [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Installation at Inverclyde Council, Greenock Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a range of AUTOPSTENHOJ equipment at Inverclyde Council, Greenlock in Scotland. AUTOPSTENHOJ Lifts fitted includes: ATF Test Lane 6 x 75 Mobile Column Lifts (30 tonnes – 45 tonnes) - Click here for product information 1 x 004750 Maestro 2.50 5 Tonne Two Post Lift - Click here for product information [...]