Bradbury ATL Test Lane & Dunlop Wheel & Tyre Equipment Installation Complete at J K Tyres, Scotland


GEMCO have recently completed an installation of a Bradbury Class 4 & 7 H4523ATL LWB ATL Test Lane and Dunlop Wheel & Tyre Equipment at J K Tyres & Autocentre Ltd in Grangemouth, Scotland. Equipment fitted includes: Bradbury H4523ATL LWB Four Post ATL Lift Bradbury 1070S Class 4 & 7 Brake Tester Bradbury BRADCOMBI Combined Gas & [...]

PopTop Leisure, County Durham Installation Complete


GEMCO have recently completed an installation of a Bradbury H4483 ATL package at PopTop Leisure, County Durham. The complete class IV & VII ATL bay installation package ,which also includes a 1070s Bradbury roller brake tester, was installed which means the customer can now carry out one man testing (ATL) of vehicles.