Bradbury & Dunlop Installation Complete at Alford Auto Centre


GEMCO have recently fitted a wide range of Bradbury and Dunlop equipment at Alford Auto Centre Equipment fitted includes: Bradbury H4403ATL SL Four Post Lift Bradbury 1040s Class 4 Brake Tester GEMCOLITECHECK6DL MOT Headlamp Aligner PDATL Pedal Depressor MOT MIRROR ATL Mirror BJB15RDE 2 Tonne Jacking Beam Dunlop DL240M Two Post Lift Bradbury WC5301 [...]

Bradbury Installation Complete at Cornerhouse Garage in Leicester


GEMCO have recently completed the installation of  a wide range of equipment at Cornerhouse Garage in Leicester. Equipment fitted includes: Bradbury 1070S Class 4 & 7 Brake Testers x 2 (+ Tablet Kit) Bradbury H4653ATL LWB Four Post ATL Lifts x2 (Pair of end stops and drive over ramps) Bradbury BRADCOMBI Gas & Smoke [...]