Royal Mail Swindon Installation Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a range of equipment at Royal Mail Swindon. Equipment fitted includes: Sherpa BPS Kompakt Commercial Brake Tester GEMJB28 Jacking Beam GEMCOLITECHECK6DL Headlamp Aligner GEMCOLITECHECK4 Rails MOTMIRROR PDATL Pedal Depressor GEMCOLIGHT320 LED Lighting Kit For further information contact GEMCO today on 01604 828 600 or email:

AUTOPSTENHOJ Class 4 & 7 ATL Package at Kintyre Hire, Campbelltown Installation Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a Class 4 & 7 AUTOPSTENHOJ ATL Package with class 1&2 motorcycle upgrade at Kintyre Hire in Campbelltown at Argyll in Scotland. Equipment fitted includes: Sherpa Kompackt Class 4 & 7 Brake Tester with class 1 & 2 motorcycle upgrade AUTOPSTENHOJ 5230-60 5.2 Tonne Lift DLPCOMBI Dunlop PC Based Emission Analyser [...]