Bradbury Installation Complete at Cornerhouse Garage in Leicester


GEMCO have recently completed the installation of  a wide range of equipment at Cornerhouse Garage in Leicester. Equipment fitted includes: Bradbury 1070S Class 4 & 7 Brake Testers x 2 (+ Tablet Kit) Bradbury H4653ATL LWB Four Post ATL Lifts x2 (Pair of end stops and drive over ramps) Bradbury BRADCOMBI Gas & Smoke [...]

Service Repair Workshop Installation Complete at Keith Motor Company, Banffshire


New Service Repair Workshop with Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5L & 7 test facility installation complete at Keith Motor Company, Banffshire   Equipment Installed includes: AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 2.50FL 2 post 5 tonne baseless lift x 1 AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 2.35 2 post 3.5 tonne baseless lift x 3 B Bradbury H8603E – 3.6 tonne [...]

NEW Commercial Site Installation Complete in Stevenage


GEMCO have recently completed a commercial site in Stevenage. Commercial equipment fitted includes: AUTOPSTEHOJ MAXI 100 Four Post Lift AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.55F Two Post Lift (x 2) SOMERS Mobile Column Lifts - Bluetooth Version (Set of 4) Sherpa BPS Twin Commercial Brake Tester with Sherpa Brake Tester Trolley GEMCOLITECHECK5DL Headlamp Aligner GEMCOLITECHECK5RAILS 4.5m Rail [...]

MINI Long Hanborough Installation Gallery


GEMCO are currently working on site at MINI Long Hanborough to complete this latest project. More images will follow this month... With over 15 AUTOPSTENHOJ lifts being installed, Air, Oil, Lubrication systems, Workshop Furniture and more this site is set to be a real asset to the MINI Long Hanborough workshop. Equipment installed on site [...]

A&D logistics, Linwood Industrial Estate, Paisley – New Commercial Workshop Installation


A&D logistics, Linwood Industrial Estate, Paisley: New Commercial Workshop. Full Workshop Design Project. Equipment fitted includes: BPSTWIN 18 commercial brake tester Litecheck 5L Commercial headlamp aligner Full extraction system Full workshop lubrication system, including air, new and waste oil pipework, Samoa 7 reel goal-post stand 2 x 10 metre prefabricated service pits {lights, air, waste [...]