Sherpa Kompakt 15 Installation complete – Mitchellson Plant Hire


GEMCO have recently completed an installation of a Sherpa Kompakt 15 Commercial Brake Tester. This vital piece of equipment was needed on site to help keep all vehicles serviceable and roadworthy on a daily basis. Mitchellson Plant Hire offer a wide range of construction equipment for hire throughout the South of the UK. Want more [...]

Royal Mail Swindon Installation Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a range of equipment at Royal Mail Swindon. Equipment fitted includes: Sherpa BPS Kompakt Commercial Brake Tester GEMJB28 Jacking Beam GEMCOLITECHECK6DL Headlamp Aligner GEMCOLITECHECK4 Rails MOTMIRROR PDATL Pedal Depressor GEMCOLIGHT320 LED Lighting Kit For further information contact GEMCO today on 01604 828 600 or email:

AUTOPSTENHOJ Installation Complete at Porsche Perth


GEMCO have recently fitted a wide range of equipment at Porsche in Perth. Equipment fitted includes: AUTOPSTENHOJ Swivel Arm 2.35 SAA 230 Sport Lift (x 6) AUTOPSTENHOJ Swivel Arm 2.35 SAA 260 Sport Lift (x 1) SHERPACOMBI Combined Emissions Analyser Sherpa BPS KOMPAKT 15 Brake Tester GEMJB28M GEMCO 2.8 Tonne Jacking Beam GEMJB2M GEMCO [...]

Commercial Site Installation at Jarrow Coachworks Newcastle Complete


Both GEMCO Projects and Brake Tester Division have worked together to completed the installation of a the following commercial equipment at Jarrow Coachworks Newcastle; Sherpa Kompakt 15 - 15 Tonne Comercial Brake Tester SHERPAPC2 - Tablet, Cover & Router STENPD Stenhoj Commercial Play Detector Bradbury H8603E 3.6 Tonne Recessed Scissor Lift Bradbury H2403G 4 Tonne [...]

Sherpa Kompakt Installation at Cannington Enterprises LTD Complete


GEMCO have completed another Sherpa Brake Tester Installation. Cannington Enterprises Ltd based in Bridge Water Somerset have had a Sherpa Kompakt 15 Brake Tester fitted on site. Click here for more product information To request a quote or site visit for this model or any other Brake Testers within the Sherpa range call our sales [...]

SHERPA KOMPAKT 15 Brake Tester Installation Complete – Douglas Council Isle of Man


Douglas Council - Isle of Man GEMCO have completed the installation of a SHERPA KOMPAKT 15 Commercial Brake Tester on site at Douglas Council - Isle of Man. For more information on this model click here or call 01604 828 600 for a quote today!

Installation at 911 Recovery Glasgow Complete


This recently completed site in Leonhead Glasgow features a wide range of commercial equipment all supplied and installed by our experts from GEMCO. Commercial Garage Equipment fitted includes: SHERPA BPS KOMPAKT Brake Tester complete with SHERPA PC BM14200 Commercial Brake Tester x2 complete with guard rails BM53000 Universal Play Detector x2 GEMCOLITECHECK5DL Commercial Headlight Tester [...]