AC Hydraulic WTA500 (0.5 Tonne) Hydraulic wheel trolley

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AC Hydraulic WTA500 (0.5 Tonne) Hydraulic wheel trolley for vans, trucks and buses

    • Flexible and ergonomic wheel trolley for the easy removal of wheels and brake drums
    • Adjustable lifting arms for wheel sizes Ø 270 – 1300 mm
    • Lifting arms with roller bearings for easy rotation of the wheel into correct position
    • Pedal operated pump leaving both hands free for working
    • Bracket for easy securing of the wheel whilst transporting
    • Hand operated dead man’s release for optimum safety whilst lowering
    • Ideal for lifting brake drums, fuel tanks, tool boxes etc.
    • 4 pcs of nylon castor wheels for optimum maneuverability
    • Shown with crane arm (accessory)
WTA500 Specification
Lifting capacity 0.5 tonne
Height 1198 mm
Length 846 mm
Width 1150mm
Roller-/fork length 415 / 600 mm
Roller distance 260 – 710 mm
Lifting height 717 mm
Wheel sizes Ø 270 – 1300 mm
Part Number Description
WTK Crane arm for disc brakes, callipers, etc.

  • Capacity: 250-100 kg
  • Mounted with the telescopic crane arm the wheel trolley is a universal lifting tool
  • The crane arm offers efficiency and good ergonomics when lifting disc brakes, brake drums, callipers, etc.
  • The crane arm easily swivels to one side to allow wheel removal operations to be carried out
  • Fitted with 360º pivoting hook

For further information on the AC Hydraulic warranty follow the below link.

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