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The Bradbury WC5531C computerised wheel balancer is fully motorised and features advanced programme options for the user including hidden/split weight function and wheel optimisation. A third arm is supplied as standard with the machine and automatically measures the rim width (no manual measurements). Accessories included wheel weight pliers with hammer, quick release wheel clamping nut and three balancing cones.

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WC5531C Technical Specification
Maximum wheel weight 70kg
Power supply 220 Volt /240 Volt (1 Phase)
Rim diameter 10″-28″
Rim width 1.5-20″
Max Wheel Diameter 1188mm
Rotating Speed 140rpm

Transit cone and spacer kit (150400091)

Adaptor kit for centreless wheels (405400108)

4 x 4 wheel adaptor kit (201009409)

Full cone kit (204009409)

Product Brochure

This wheel balancer comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty which is subject to proof of maintenance.

Warranty exclusions :
Accidental damage, vandalism (non-fair wear and tear), acts of nature and unauthorised repairs by non-Gemco service agents. Package prices are for U.K. Mainland only.

Consumable items including balancing cones and wing nut.

We offer a wide range of service contracts for this wheel balancer, please contact 0844 249 8101 for more information.

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