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The BT5000 MKII Motorcycle roller brake tester for MOT, undoubtedly the UK’s most popular motorcycle roller brake tester, has been designed to comfortably test the brakes of all motorcycles regardless of size, weight or wheel size.

The neat, compact unit is fitted into the floor and all readings are taken from a wall mounted remote console, ensuring complete freedom from obstruction in the testing area. Testing could not be more simple – just ride on and the BT5000 MKII does the rest, testing the brakes and weighing the bike with a user-friendly remote control handset to command the operation.

The combination of analogue and digital display provides valuable diagnostic information relevant to brake performance such as drum ovality.

Printed Results

To complete the professional image and approach installed by the BT5000 MKII, a printer can be added to the system providing your customer with an official printout of his brake performance.

Firmly established as the benchmark for motorcycle MoT testing, the BT5000 MKII is sure to increase customer confidence and hugely improve company profile – as well as giving you the accurate and consistent readings you want – time and time again.

BM5000W Specifications
MOT Approved Yes
Bi-directional Operation (entry either direction) Yes
Digital & Analogue Display Yes
Motor Size 1.5kw
Power Supply Required 1ph 220/240V
Maximum axle load 1000kg
Weight of unit (including console and packaging) 170kg
Built in weighing facility Yes
Part Number Description
N/A A4 Printer for printing test results
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