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The Dunlop DWB920 is an electronic, easy-to-use,  fully motorised wheel balancer machine which is designed for busy tyre shops.

Standard accessories delivered with the machine include rim width measuring tool, wheel weight hammer/pliers and four standard cones.

At the factory, this machine is programmed with a motorcycle balancing option, which means the machine can be used for motorcycle wheels with the addition of the motorcycle adaptor which is attached to the balancing shaft (see optional extras).

CE Approved

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DWB920 Technical Specification
Maximum wheel weight 65kg
Power supply Single Phase (240v)
Rim diameter 10″ – 24″
Rim width 1.5″ -20″
Precision 1 gram
Balancing time 7 seconds
Shaft diameter 36mm
Alloy wheel programme Yes
Part Number Description
201009369 4 x 4 Adaptor kit
150360091 Transit cone and spacer kit
405360108 Adaptor kit for centreless wheels
DWBSPACER Spacer kit for wide wheels with large offset
204009369 Eco kit containing all of the above (mounted on  a wallboard)
DWBKIT Wheel balancer starter kit containing selection of 250 mixed weights (5 – 30g)
MJ-11 Motorcycle adaptor
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This wheel balancer comes with a 1 year parts and labour warranty which is subject to proof of maintenance.

Warranty exclusions :
Accidental damage, vandalism (non-fair wear and tear), acts of nature and unauthorised repairs by non-Gemco service agents. Package prices are for U.K. Mainland only.

Consumable items including balancing cones and wing nut.

We offer a wide range of service contracts for this wheel balancer, please contact 0844 249 8101 for more information.

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