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With the Distronic – adjusting device the adjustment of the Distronic at the vehicle can be done in a simple way. The provided adjusting device case serves for testing the adjusting device as well as for the storage of the dipsticks, which are installed at the wheel bracket and for the storage of the adjusting device with battery cable.


The adjusting device is mounted on the Distronic by creating a partial vacuum of 600 mbar with a vacuum pump. A laser beam is then projected on a given “target” (testing device). The adjusting device is tested by the exit of a laser beam through a test boring The Distronic-adjusting device consists of a protection housing with centring supports and self testing device (control device), 3 interchangeable centring rings for different models of vehicles,
laser projector (power 12 V), vacuum, water-level, spiral connection cable with plug for 12 V-bush, with catch chain and 2 dipsticks.

ROMESS 09803-DTR Technical Specifications
Voltage supply 12 V–24 V DC
Current consumption Estimated at 50 mA
Cable length 2.5 m (estimate)
Beam form Oval, est. 3 mm
Laser power Est. 1 mW (class 2) – pay attention to safety hints!
Material Aluminium, processed bras
Weight Est. 9.0 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 450 x 300 x 200
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This item comes with a 1 year parts and labour warranty which is subject to terms and conditions.

Warranty exclusions :
Accidental damage, consumable items, vandalism (non-fair wear and tear), equipment upgrades or modifications, removal/movement of equipment, acts of nature and unauthorised repairs by non-Gemco service agents. Package prices are for U.K. Mainland only.

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