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When customers complain about vibrations while driving and/or irregularities in acceleration, the cause can be a deviation in the buckling-angle of the drive shaft from the set point. So far, there were only mechanical tools available to gauge the drive shaft.

With the new electronic drive shaft angle gauge ROMESS CM-09935, the process is significantly easier and more accurate at the same time.

Structure and function
The angle gauge 09935 consists of a hand held unit with graphics display and a sensor for measuring two levels. The measuring range is +/- 15°.

To evaluate the alignment of the drivetrain, you must first measure the angles of the transmission, the prop-shafts and the rear axle differential.

Different adaptations are needed for the sensor gauging the transmission and the differential. To measure the prop shafts, the measuring cones on the sensor can be held directly on the prop shaft. The result are shown on the display and saved by pressing the “Save” key. From two angles the unit calculates the difference which is relevant to the correct alignment of the drive shaft (difference ∠1∠2 = φ1; difference ∠2 ∠3 = φ2; difference ∠3 ∠4 = φ3).

The sensor distinguishes between the x- and y-axis. To receive accurate results, the spiral cord on the sensor should always point toward the front of the vehicle.

Features & Benefits
– high measuring accuracy
– easiest handling
– power supplied by customary rechargeable batteries (4 x Mignon AA 1.2V/2100 mAh)
– battery charger

ROMESS 09935 Technical Specifications
Angle measuring range +/- 15°, accuracy +/- 0.1°
Equipment USB-interface and serial R232 for data transfer
Battery charger (12V/250mA)
Measurements (in mm) L x W x H: 450 x 380 x 120 (in the case) app. 205 x 100 x 70 (without case)
Packing measurements (in mm) L x W x H: 455 x 400 x 120
Part No. Technical Specifications
09630-10 Data transfer and charging station with power supply, data cord (9 pole, 1.2 m length)
09606-60 Interaxle-adapter (Type W163 M-class), MV-level measuring front axle
09606-61 Interaxle-adapter (Type W163 M-class), wheel caster measurement rear axle
09606-62 Adapter for W 414 (Vaneo) station wagon and panel truck
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This item comes with a 1 year parts and labour warranty which is subject to terms and conditions.

Warranty exclusions :
Accidental damage, consumable items, vandalism (non-fair wear and tear), equipment upgrades or modifications, removal/movement of equipment, acts of nature and unauthorised repairs by non-Gemco service agents. Package prices are for U.K. Mainland only.

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