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The adjusting target for night view assistant is a colourless anodized target for the adjustment of the camera for the night view assistant system. The target is located via magnets in a fixed determined height (1378 mm) at the headlamp aiming device and aligned to the horizon with a water-level. The offset – values of the different vehicle types are given by Daimler AG. The camera which is at the vehicle in a fixed position adjusts itself with the help of the adjusting target. Actual vehicle type S – class model W 221 and vehicle type CL – class model W 216.
For the Hella – headlamp aiming device with support rotated by 450 degrees an additional adaptation plate (order-no. 09840-11) can be requested.

ROMESS 09840-10 Technical Specifications
Material Aluminium, nickel-plated steel
Device measurements (in mm) LxWxH: 320x220x75 with case
Weight approx. 1.2kg
Measurements (in mm) L x W x H: 590 x 460 x 630 (with handle)
Weight app. 16 kg
Packing measurements (in mm) LxWxH: 350 x 300 x 100
Weight app. 1.5 kg
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This item comes with a 1 year parts and labour warranty which is subject to terms and conditions.

Warranty exclusions :
Accidental damage, consumable items, vandalism (non-fair wear and tear), equipment upgrades or modifications, removal/movement of equipment, acts of nature and unauthorised repairs by non-Gemco service agents. Package prices are for U.K. Mainland only.

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