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E 10 and SE 10 are brake maintenance devices with internal 10 litre tank. Hydraulic brake systems and hydraulic couplings of cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles can be maintained with the bleeding devices. The change of brake fluid is done fast and without any problems. The complete ventilation of the brake system assures the functional safety of the brake- and ABS systems. With the SE 10 the easy movement of the wheel-brake cylinder can be checked and after the repair of the brake or coupling system a leakage test can be undertaken.

ROMESS SE 10 Technical Specifications
Electrical connection 230 V/50 HZ and 12–24V battery
Working pressure E 10: 2.3 bar
SE 10: infinitely-variable adjust. From 0.5 to 3.5 bar (estimate)
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 590 x 460 x 650
Weight 20.0 kg (estimate)
Part No. Technical Specifications
50256 Catch bottle (50256) and adapter for nearly every common vehicle.


Complete disposal system for used brake fluid.
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Warranty exclusions :
Accidental damage, consumable items, vandalism (non-fair wear and tear), equipment upgrades or modifications, removal/movement of equipment, acts of nature and unauthorised repairs by non-Gemco service agents. Package prices are for U.K. Mainland only.

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