Samoa 502 Series Hose Reels – 10m (Enclosed Type)

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Individually enclosed hose reel for air, low and high pressure water, medium pressure lubricants and high pressure grease. All metal construction, can handle up to 10 m (30’) of 1/2″ or 13 m (43’) of 3/8″ hose.

Main features:

  • Corrosion resistant aluminium shields form an attractive and very rigid structure.
  • Brass forged shaft compatible with a wide range of fluids ensures corrosion free and leak proof operation.
  • Special fatigue resistant steel spring for years of durable performance.
  • Epoxy powder coated for increased wear resistance.
  • Positionable mounting brackets for an optimum operation in any mounting position: wall,ceiling, floor or tank.
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Part Number Hose Reel (Included) Control Gun (Included) Application
517101 501100 Air Coupling Compressed Air
517121 502101 Air Coupling Compressed Air
517150 502100 Low Pressure Gun Water
517151 502101 Low Pressure Gun Water
517202 502200 Oil Control Gun Oil/Antifreeze
517242 502200 Hose End Meter Oil/Antifreeze
517252 502200 Preset Hose End Meter Oil/Antifreeze
517300 502300 Grease Control Gun Grease
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