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We have approvals from the leading vehicle manufacturers and supply both in-ground and surface-mounted lifts.
Our wide product range is recommended around the globe by the leading vehicle manufacturers.

The requirements from these vehicle manufacturers are continually increasing when it comes to the quality of products and suppliers. It is our goal to meet their requirements and exceed them, both now and in the future!

We work in conjunction with these vehicle manufacturers to design and produce products which suit their requirements perfectly!

Based on the specifications required by the manufacturers, we work hard to test our lifts and modify them accordingly; this is part of our ongoing commitment to providing all of our customers with a solution that exceeds their expectations. Lifting superstructures (swing arms, platforms, wheel-free devices, scissor jacks and repair platforms) meet with all the necessary requirements!

We meet the high demands of vehicle manufacturers and examples of this include variable drive through widths, lifting points, swing arm areas, lifting heights, minimum heights, platforms widths and lengths and moving areas.

It goes without saying that we also meet their demands when it comes to corrosion protection and we have all the relevant safety aspects in mind during manufacturing!

We can supply a lift to suit any vehicle portfolio; we can provide a suitable in-ground or above ground (surface mounted) lift from our extensive product range – let GEMCO’s vast range of AUTOPSTENHOJ products find you a solution!

Our products conform to CE Regulations and are approved!

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