Workshop Fit Out Complete at Norse Waste – Daventry County Council


GEMCO have completed installation of a wide range of commercial equipment on site at Norse Waste, Daventry County Council Equipment fitted will help keep the sites large fleet of vehicles on the road.  As well as equipment a mezzanine floor was also built to free more space in the workshop. Equipment fitted includes; click on equipment [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Lift Installation Complete at Volvo Reading


GEMCO have recently fitted a wide range of AUTOPSTENHOJ and Sherpa equipment at Volvo Reading, equipment fitted includes; AUTOPSTENHOJ Masterlift 2.35 Saa 230 Sport Lift AUTOPSTENHOJ Masterlfit 2.35 Pv Premium 160 - 220 with YX heads Lift AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 530-54 ATL/WA 5.2 tonne Lift Sherpa BPSATL4 Class 4 ATL RBT Brake Tester GEMJB28M 2.8 [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Installation Complete at Porsche Perth


GEMCO have recently fitted a wide range of equipment at Porsche in Perth. Equipment fitted includes: AUTOPSTENHOJ Swivel Arm 2.35 SAA 230 Sport Lift (x 6) AUTOPSTENHOJ Swivel Arm 2.35 SAA 260 Sport Lift (x 1) SHERPACOMBI Combined Emissions Analyser Sherpa BPS KOMPAKT 15 Brake Tester GEMJB28M GEMCO 2.8 Tonne Jacking Beam GEMJB2M GEMCO [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Lift Installation Complete at BT in Exeter


GEMCO have recently completed a lift installation at BT Exeter. Equipment installed includes: 009350 AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 7230 Service Four Post Lift Series (7.2 tonne) 004740 AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 – 5 Tonne Two Post Lift LWB Click here to view the full AUTOPSTENHOJ range today, for further information and pricing contact GEMCO today. [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Mobile Column Lift Set Installation Complete at Flightline Support Ltd in Standlake


GEMCO have recently fitted a set of 4 AUTOPSTENHOJ Mobile Column Lifts (Wireless) at Flightline Support Ltd in Standlake. Click here to view the full AUTOPSTENHOJ range. For further information contact GEMCO today on 01604 828600.

AUTOPSTENHOJ Lift Installation Complete at Marshalls Motor Group Ltd – Skoda


GEMCO have recently installed a number of AUTOPSTENHOJ lifts at Marshalls Motor Group Ltd - Skoda in Reading. 6x AUTOSTENHOJ MAGNAT 35 -  3.5 Tonne Two Post Lifts 1x AUTOSTENHOJ MAGNAT 40 - 4.0 Tonne Two Post Lifts View the full AUTOPSTENHOJ range here For further information call GEMCO today on 01604 828 600. [...]

Peter Vardy, BMW Mini Edinburgh Installation Complete


NEW Site installation complete at Peter Vardy, BMW Mini Edinburgh, this is the latest in a long line of dealerships to have our AUTOPSTENHOJ manufacturer approved lifts installed. We work in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers to design and produce products which suit their requirements perfectly! We meet the high demands of vehicle manufacturers and examples [...]

Service Repair Workshop Installation Complete at Keith Motor Company, Banffshire


New Service Repair Workshop with Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5L & 7 test facility installation complete at Keith Motor Company, Banffshire   Equipment Installed includes: AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 2.50FL 2 post 5 tonne baseless lift x 1 AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 2.35 2 post 3.5 tonne baseless lift x 3 B Bradbury H8603E – 3.6 tonne [...]

NEW Commercial Site Installation Complete in Stevenage


GEMCO have recently completed a commercial site in Stevenage. Commercial equipment fitted includes: AUTOPSTEHOJ MAXI 100 Four Post Lift AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.55F Two Post Lift (x 2) SOMERS Mobile Column Lifts - Bluetooth Version (Set of 4) Sherpa BPS Twin Commercial Brake Tester with Sherpa Brake Tester Trolley GEMCOLITECHECK5DL Headlamp Aligner GEMCOLITECHECK5RAILS 4.5m Rail [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ installation at Breeze VW complete – Poole


GEMCO have recently completed an installation of two AUTOPSTENHOJ Class 4 MOT Bays at Breeze VW complete - Poole The following equipment was installed on site; x2 Sherpa BPSATL4 Class 4 Brake Tester x2 AUTOPSTENHOJ Four Post MOT/ATL Lifts x2 Litecheck4 Headlight Testers x2 Sherpa Combi Emmisions Analysers & all additional bay accessories For further [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 Two Post Lift Installation Complete at Royal Mail, Fraserburgh.


GEMCO have recently fitted an AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50 – 5 Tonne Two Post Lift LWB at Royal Mail Fraserburgh. Click here for further information on the AUTOPSTENHOJ range For further information, pricing or to arrange a site visit please call GEMCO on 01604 828 600 or email: today!

Mitsubishi Croxdale Installation Complete


Another successful range of AUTOPSTENHOJ lifting equipment has been installed at Mitsubishi Croxdale. This site not benefits from a wide range of Autopstenhoj Lifts, Bradbury Wheel and Tyre equipment, complete MOT bays including Sherpa Brake Testers and more. Click below for further information on the equipment fitted: AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.35 SPORT AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.50FL 2 Post [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 4026 Lift Installation Complete at M & S Motors in Aberdeen


GEMCO have recently fitted an AUTOPSTENHOJ Major 4026 Electro-hydraulic Four Post Lift at M & S Motors in Aberdeen. Click here for further information on this lift. View the full AUTOPSTENHOJ range here  

AUTOPSTENHOJ Class 4 & 7 ATL Package at Kintyre Hire, Campbelltown Installation Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a Class 4 & 7 AUTOPSTENHOJ ATL Package with class 1&2 motorcycle upgrade at Kintyre Hire in Campbelltown at Argyll in Scotland. Equipment fitted includes: Sherpa Kompackt Class 4 & 7 Brake Tester with class 1 & 2 motorcycle upgrade AUTOPSTENHOJ 5230-60 5.2 Tonne Lift DLPCOMBI Dunlop PC Based Emission Analyser [...]

AUTOPSTENHOJ Installation at Inverclyde Council, Greenock Complete


GEMCO have recently fitted a range of AUTOPSTENHOJ equipment at Inverclyde Council, Greenlock in Scotland. AUTOPSTENHOJ Lifts fitted includes: ATF Test Lane 6 x 75 Mobile Column Lifts (30 tonnes – 45 tonnes) - Click here for product information 1 x 004750 Maestro 2.50 5 Tonne Two Post Lift - Click here for product information [...]

Workshop Installation at Jaguar Land Rover Milton Gate Complete


GEMCO have completed another Jaguar Land Rover workshop this month. JLR Milton Gate's main workshop features a wide variety of AUTOPSTENHOJ in-ground lifts. Over 14 Masterlift 235 SAA 230 Lifts, 1 Biglift 2.50 SAA 230 and 2 Masterlift 235 SAAV 135 VAN vehicle Lifts. Aswell as this, two complete ATL Bays both with SHERPA BPS [...]

Audi Poole AUTOPSTENHOJ Installation Complete


GEMCO have once again completed the installation of Autopstenhoj lifting equipment. This month at Audi, Poole. Among the vast arrangement of lifting equipment, DURA workshop furniture, Gas and Air extraction units and two drive in MOT bays help to create an open planned space for all their needs.

Installation at Bellingers Milton, Oxfordshire


GEMCO have completed the installation of a Stenhøj Major ATL Bay, Sherpa BPS-Kompakt Class 4 ATL Brake Tester, GEMCO Litecheck Headlight Tester, SAMOA Oil Hose Reel Kit, Dunlop Tyre Changer, Wheel Aligner and more. As you can see this site is now complete and ready for testing.