Bradbury 1070S Class 4 & 7 ATL Bay Installation Complete at Kingdom Auto Repairs


GEMCO have recently installed a Bradbury Class 7 ATL Bay at Kingdom Auto Repairs Glenrothes. Equipment fitted includes: Bradbury H4653ATL LWB Four Post Lift Bradbury H4503ATL LWB Four Post Lift Bradbury 1070S Class 4 & 7 Brake Tester Bradbury BJB28RDE 2.8 Tonne Jacking Beam Click here to view the full Bradbury range.

Installation at Cinema Garage, Sheffield Complete


GEMCO have recently installed a range of Bradbury equipment at Cinema Garage in Sheffield. Equipment includes: 1 x Class 7 Bradbury 1070S Brake Tester, Bradbury Litecheck 2L, 1 x H4403 Bradbury Four Post Service Lift, 2 x H2403G Bradbury Two Post Lifts, 1 x H8903E Bradbury Scissor Lift and a Bradbury Tyre Package.

Bradbury 1040S Brake Tester Installation at FULLERS SLADE, Milton Keynes Complete


GEMCO have recently completed installation of a prefabricated steel pit and BRADBURY 1040S Class 4 Brake Tester at FULLERS SLADE Tyre & Exhaust Auto Centre in Milton Keynes. Alongside the Pit and Brake Tester stands a BRADBURY 2 tonne Jacking Beam, BRADBURY LITECHECK2L Headlamp Tester, Pit Play Detectors, MOT Turnplates, DUNLOP Emissions Analyser and more. [...]