Bradbury & Dunlop Installation Complete at Chris Ritchie Garage Services Ltd


GEMCO have fitted a range of Bradbury and Dunlop equipment at Chris Ritchie Garage Services Ltd in Barrow in Furness. Equipment fitted includes: Bradbury H4403ATL SL 4.0 Tonne ATL Lift Bradbury BJB28RDE 2.8 Tonne Jacking Beam Dunlop DL240 4 Tonne Two Post Lift For further information contact GEMCO Sales today on 01604 828 600 or email: [...]

Installation at 911 Recovery Glasgow Complete


This recently completed site in Leonhead Glasgow features a wide range of commercial equipment all supplied and installed by our experts from GEMCO. Commercial Garage Equipment fitted includes: SHERPA BPS KOMPAKT Brake Tester complete with SHERPA PC BM14200 Commercial Brake Tester x2 complete with guard rails BM53000 Universal Play Detector x2 GEMCOLITECHECK5DL Commercial Headlight Tester [...]

Bradbury Class 7 ATL Package & H2403HG Two Post Lifts (x2) Installation Complete at Gunns Garage in Appin, Scotland


Gunn’s Garage Rises From The Ashes! In February 2016 Gunn’s Garage in Appin suffered a devastating fire which destroyed the garage. Duncan Gunn had the very difficult job of rebuilding the garage from scratch. Duncan contacted Niall Farmer from Andrew Page and held a series of meetings to discuss the new workshop layout and [...]

Mitsubishi Croxdale Installation Complete


Another successful range of AUTOPSTENHOJ lifting equipment has been installed at Mitsubishi Croxdale. This site not benefits from a wide range of Autopstenhoj Lifts, Bradbury Wheel and Tyre equipment, complete MOT bays including Sherpa Brake Testers and more. Click below for further information on the equipment fitted: AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.35 SPORT AUTOPSTENHOJ - Maestro 2.50FL 2 Post [...]

Bradbury H4403ATLSL Class 4 ATL Package Installation at Penguin Court Garage in Carmarthen


GEMCO have recently installed a Bradbury H4403ATLSL Class 4 ATL Package at Penguin Court Garage in Carmarthen. Click below for further information on the equipment fitted: Bradbury  H4403ATLSL Four Post Lift Bradbury 1040S Class 4 Brake Tester Bradbury BJB15RDE 2.0 Tonne Jacking Beam Bradbury Pedal Depressor BRADRBTROLLEY PC & Tablet Package For further information on the [...]

Bradbury H4653ATL LWB ATL Test Lane Installation Complete at Millenium Commercials in Midlothian, Scotland


GEMCO have recently completed an installation of a Bradbury Class 4 & 7 H4653ATL LWB ATL Test Lane and AUTOPSTENHOJ Maestro 2.50FL Two Post Lift (in Bradbury colours). The Bradbury H4653ATL LWB ATL Package includes: Bradbury H4653ATL LWB Four Post ATL Lift Bradbury 1070S Class 4 & 7 Brake Tester Bradbury BRADCOMBI Combined Gas & [...]