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Two 10 tonne rated Majorlift pit jack rams deliver the lifting power which is controlled through air/hydraulics to provide two lifting speeds, with positive mechanical locking (preventing accidental lowering) for enhanced safety.

Designed for trucks, buses and DVSA ATF inspection pits, the 20-tonne rated jack offers all the performance and saftey features of the bigger 40-tonne range for heavier vehicles such as military, quarry, mining and railway vehicles.

Each pit jack is custom-designed to your specific requirements and is fitted with arms suitable for your lift or pit.


MPJ20/HPJ20 Technical Specifications
Capacity 20 tonnes
Lifting stroke 305mm
Pressure relief valve Yes
Spring loaded rollers Yes
Weight of unit 287kg
Part Number Description
4250 10 tonne spreader beam (1240mm)
4350 10 tonne spreader beam (1400mm)
4450 10 tonne spreader beam (1450mm)
4500 Diff adaptor
4101 ‘V’ crutch
4102 Dish crutch lifting pad
4103 Chassis crutch lifting pad
4104 4” extension tube
4105  6” extension tube
4106 10” extension tube
4107 18” extension tube
4109 Serrated saddle (ram end protector)
2627 10m polyurethane recoil air hose (air models only)
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